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Some sports are only playable for people of certain ages. But golf is a game that any person can learn and participate in. It combines so many different benefits together, touching on the realms of the physical, mental, and interpersonal. Here are some of the top reasons why everyone should play golf.

Method of Exercise

Among the most apparent benefits of golf is that it can serve as a form of exercise. One way it does this is through the swings needed to hit the ball. As a golfer, you spend time practicing your swing and strengthening your muscles to improve it. A golf swing may not look like much to the average person, but the rotation of the trunk and arms involves muscles all over the body. In addition to the arms and core, you use your legs and glutes as well to support the movement.

A typical golf course consists of 18 holes and spans around 6,000 to 7,000 yards, with PGA Tour lengths above 7,000 by about 200 to 300 yards. This means that (skipping the golf cart) you will walk a good deal during a game. Add the bag you are carrying to that mix, and you have a reasonably substantial cardiovascular workout. Since golf does not include rapid agility or high-impact movement, anyone can walk on the course from hole to hole and get exercise in this way.

Opportunity for Relaxation

Golf can also be a source of relaxation. For the duration of the game, you can put aside your other concerns and enjoy what is in front of you as you focus on hitting accurately. You can also take in the outdoor environment as you play. Whether you are playing with green mountains on the horizon, clear ocean water nearby, or desert sand and palm trees, you are sure to find a healthy break away from your school or work desk. It’s a great way to break out of the artificial confines we spend so much of our time nowadays. The calm you feel as a result of these two aspects of golf can rejuvenate your mind so that you leave with an improved mood, and you are ready to tackle the challenges and responsibilities of your day to day life.

Improvement Potential

Any seasoned golfer will tell you that there’s always room for improvement in golf, and that’s part of what makes it appealing to so many. When you play, you may hit roadblocks in your growth, but you’ll also never reach a point where you stand at the highest precipice and become bored with the stagnation. As you come to understand yourself and the game better, you’ll continually be able to sharpen your skills. You may even discover new ways of thinking about certain points, such as how you hit when the wind is blowing or how you position your swings, which will result in breakthroughs in your playing. Simultaneously, however, golf is accessible for both young and old to start at any point. You just need some clubs and some golf balls, and you can join in on an invigorating new pastime.

Patience Building

But what do you do when you do face obstructions to your play? The journey is undoubtedly not always going to run smoothly. Herein lies yet another virtue of golf: it builds patience. When you hit the ball way off its intended target into a sand trap or a pond, it tests your patience. You become less bothered by mistakes the more you play through and understand that you don’t have to respond with frustration. For kids and students, this lesson is invaluable as events in life will not always go as expected. When that happens, you can apply the same practiced line of thinking outside of golf. Adults can also benefit from this reminder in the middle of their busyness.

Time for Bonding

With the many moments of reprieve in between turns or during walks from one part of the course to the next, golf is a great way to form and strengthen connections with the people you are playing with. A whole family can go on a golf outing to their local course, and parents can spend the day teaching their kids the rules and etiquette of the sport while spending quality time together with them. If you have a tight-knit group of friends, you could also play golf for leisure and friendly competition as you catch up with the much-needed pause from work. Even if you don’t know anyone else with an interest in golf, you can join a league or club to meet people who are. They may also push you to improve at a greater rate with the pointers they give you and the displays of expertise they show, which you can observe and learn from.

Improve Business Relationships

Falling in line with the last point, golf also naturally complements a business setting. Sure, you probably won’t get much desk work done while attempting your best putt, but you can get to know colleagues and your bosses better. It will make for a softened atmosphere away from the office where you can strengthen those business relationships in an organic way. Many businessmen play golf, so learning it while you are still in school can be handy. But even if you already entered the working world, it’s never too late to pick up golf as a common activity that you can partake in with coworkers and superiors. You may also meet people from other companies and businesses who you hit it off with. If you become close, you can help each other out with the services or goods that you offer. Before you know it, your network could expand significantly all thanks to the kickstart that golf gave you.


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Top Reasons Why Everyone Should Play Golf