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the right way to chip your golf ball

Monday, August 31, 2020

The Right Way to Chip Your Golf Ball

Chip shots are your way of approaching the hole when your ball is just outside the green. You aim to hit the ball so that it rises over the rougher fairway or fringe turf at first, then rolls once it is within the more even green. This makes the shot more predictable and easy to control. How do you chip correctly, though? We’ll teach you the right way to chip your golf ball below.

Pick Your Target and Club

Begin by visualizing the area on the green where you want the ball to land. This will give you a clear goal to aim at so that you can develop the accuracy that you want. Next, select a club to use. With chip shots, there is no set type of club that you are restricted to. Rather, you make your choice based on how much you want the ball to roll after its initial landing. Higher-lofted wedges, such as a nine-iron or pitching wedge, are better for when your ball is close to the hole, as the ball won’t roll much. Irons are preferable when the hole is farther away because they cause the ball to move a good distance after landing. The lower the loft, the more rolling you’ll get.

Set Your Stance

When you set up your chipping stance, keep your feet narrow, about shoulder width apart. Open your stance so that your left shoulder is slightly farther back from your target line. Your left shoulder should also be slightly to the left so that most of your weight is above your left leg. Make sure you keep your hips straight instead of jutting them out to the left farther than your left shoulder and foot, though. The ball should sit slightly staggered back toward your right foot.

Use the Appropriate Motion

For the swing, keep the motion shorter than your longer-distance shots, with the club head never rising above your shoulders. Make sure you hinge your left wrist as you move through the backswing and the forward swing. Your right arm can bend as you pull back, then unbend so that the position of your shoulders and arms at the moment of impact are about the same as they were when you set up your stance. This combination of hinging and bending will help you to hit the ball cleanly without skimming the ground before you make contact with it.

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