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There is not much more that could have been done to make our golf outing an enjoyable event. The weather was great, the course was in excellent condition, the cost was a great deal, the staff were friendly and helpful, and the food was very good. Keep up the good work! - True Review 2017

I would like to thank you for a great outing yesterday for our Skins Group. Having a group of 35 players can sometimes be a little challenging but you and your staff did an amazing job. My players were very impressed with the whole experience from start to finish. Great hospitality, food and condition of the course. It's too bad we had so much wind for our first time there but that's Gods fault. LOL  I didn't get everyone's names but the two I did, Ryan and Debbie, were wonderful and all I can say is Kudos to them. They are excellent representatives for your facility.  We will see you again in the future.Thanks Again, DW - 2017

Not really. Everyone is outstanding. During my life, I have been involved with customer service, I can certainly say everyone at Sunrise ensure that you have a great round of golf and then enjoy an outstanding meal. I have been playing at Sunrise since July 6, 2016. The course is awesome and the greens are well maintained. So, if you are looking for a memorable round of golf GO TO SUNRISE. Thanks to all employees who go out if their way to allow you to have a fantastic round of golf. God bless to all and thank you. - Chris M - True Review 2017

First time since they changed from Desert Rose. I was on the old course 3 times a week for 2 years, and towards the end, before they closed, it wasn't a good experience. Now. Two very enthusiastic thumbs up. Cart girl was around twice on the front and back, hot dogs were ... Different, but good. Overall a 4 1/2. Definitely a regular now... - Joseph K. - Google 2017

Takes good care of locals. Great price. Good food. Golf course is well maintained - Scott F. - Google 2017

Had a group of 3 forsomes out this past Saturday. Great experience. The staff went out of there way to make sure we were comfortable; brought out more waters, face towels and even ice cream! Very accomodating to locals, we'll be back for sure! - Richard S. - Google 2017

Having played this course about 4 decades ago when it was called Winterwood and played this course often nearly 30 years ago when it was called Desert Rose I was completely blown away by the changes and upgrades to the course the clubhouse and even the parking lot!! What a great track and restaurant too! I play Saturday Sept 24 and the course and greens were the best I've played in town. What a nice addition to golf in Las Vegas. - Cary D. - Google 2016

Wow, what a transformation! The "desert ditch" as it was nick named when it was Desert Rose has been completely revamped and it is now an extremely pleasant golfing experience. The greens are medium to fast, very well maintained and the ball rolls true instead of bouncing around like most courses. The fairways are real fairways and the rough is extremely forgiving due to being cropped short like they should be. The "ditch" is now a forgiving lateral water hazard you can now rescue your ball out of for the most part, and the double fairway arrangement on most of the holes provides ample room to "rip it" from the tee and still have a playable shot if you hook or slice it! All in all, you can end the day with a better score, making it a more enjoyable golfing day, unlike most Vegas courses that are lined with homes, streets and infested with trees and weeds, making a golf outing just one miserable day off! The club house and cuisine and staff are icing on the cake! Very enjoyable to play here. - Hamid S. - Google 2016

My experience at this new and improved golf course was awesome. The condition of the course is immaculate and the staff...awesome! My new favorite venue. Danny does a great job as well as the head of guest services. - True Review 2016

Can't complain about anything. The staff was really nice and everything was really convenient and easy. Love the practice area, love the course. Much better than when it was Desert Rose. Great improvements! Thank you so much and we will definitely be back. We just had the US Kids Tournament there yesterday and other than the wind, all was good. Thanks! - Mike P. - True Review 2016

Very good experience and the staff was excellent. I will return within the next couple of weeks after the greens have been rolled out. Price of game tremendous value. Entire staff is awesome, always make time to shake hands and greets us with friendly conversations... my favorite course in Vegas now!! - True Review 2016