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pitching drills for distance control

Normally, you place alignment sticks on the ground to visually guide the direction that you are swinging. However, when you are first learning how to pitch, you can also put an alignment stick through the front belt loop of your pants. As you swing, avoid touching the stick with your arms. This drill will help you grasp proper pitching form, in which your shoulders direct the movement. Your arms, meanwhile, should stay in front of your torso. Get the correct form down early so you can work out the errors that prevent you from attaining good distance control.

Pitch in Incremental Distances

Set up targets, such as cones, in incremental distances from where you stand in a short-distance practice area. The closest target can be about forty yards away, with four more targets each set up about five or ten yards further than the previous one. With this setup, pitch the ball at the closest target and work your way up to the last. By changing the distance you aim for after each shot, you’ll gain a better feel for how much to adjust your swing.

Leapfrog Several Balls

This pitching drill for distance control is similar to the previous one but may be easier since it doesn’t require you to use specific target objects. You should be able to estimate how far thirty yards is from where you stand and be able to hit the ball there. With your subsequent pitch shot, try to have the ball land just past where the previous one stopped. Repeat this until the distance is far enough that you must use a full swing to reach it. You will start to understand how far to move the club on your backswing and follow-through to get certain distance goals.

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