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GOLF 101 - The Different Types of Golf Clubs

Golf utilizes several different types of clubs, depending on the particular situation. Here are the major categories of golf clubs used today.

There are several forms of golf clubs, each with their individual purpose. As a golfer hits the golf ball closer to the hole, they switch clubs to better match the situation they are in. To play effectively, it’s important to understand this system’s fundamentals. Here are the different types of golf clubs used today.



The first type of club is called a wood, even though it isn’t made from wood at all in modern times. Nowadays, they are usually composed of a metal, such as steel. Woods include drivers and fairway woods and are used for the initial tee shot (in the case of the driver) and long-range shots. They have the biggest heads and longest lengths out of all the different club types.



Irons are useful for mid-range and short-range shots. They have smaller, thinner heads that have grooves, which give the golf ball a spin when hit. Usually, they’re used on the fairway, but they can be employed for tee shots on shorter holes as well. Irons possess a numbering system that usually starts from three and ends with nine. As the number gets higher, the loft, or the head’s angle, gets larger. At the same time, the club’s length is shortened as the number goes up. Higher lofts make the ball go up into the air more, while lower lofts hit the ball farther.



Hybrids are a newer addition to the golfing landscape, having found popular use at the beginning of the 21st century. In design, they can be described as a mix of a wood and an iron. In practice, they are used to replace irons. Just like irons, they are numbered, and a hybrid can replace an iron that has the same corresponding numerical distinction. They offer greater control and hitting ease, which is why golfers typically use them to replace the lower number irons that hit farther.



Whenever the golf ball lands in the rough or a sand bunker, you use wedges. Although their heads are just about identical to that of irons, the lofts that they have are much higher. This makes them suited to hit the ball out of the hazard areas. Wedges are also used around the green, since they hit shorter distances.



Putters have a flat hitting surface on the head and lack lofts. Instead of aiming to hit the ball upward in an arc, putters are made to roll the ball with precision into the hole. Because of this, putters see the most use and are highly important for every individual. There are many varieties available, so golfers seek a putter that best suits them.


Now with some understanding of clubs, you should probably seek a good teacher to show you the ropes and help you to practice the golf basics. If you are looking into golf lessons in Las Vegas, The Club at Sunrise offers instruction from PGA Member Rick Hughes. For more information, contact us today.