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Essential Golf Accessories to Have in Your Bag

Essential Golf Accessories to Have in Your Bag

Once you’re out on the golf course, your game may be ruined because of unexpected circumstances or because you lack the necessary items to play. Ensure you’re prepared by remembering these essential golf accessories to have in your bag.

Extra Golf Balls

Running out of golf balls during a round is never a good feeling, as you’re forced to stop with nothing left to hit. Always carry several extras to prevent this. You never know when you’ll have a day where you lose your golf balls repeatedly. Besides new balls for play, though, you could also carry a few older, more beat-up balls to practice with for those moments when you must wait a long time to move on to the next hole.

Sharpie Markers

Sharpies come in handy when you want to mark your golf ball and make it easily identifiable as yours. That way, if you lose it at some point, it’ll be easier to find among the other strays on the course. It will also be distinct from the balls of the people you are playing with, even if your specific models are identical.

Rain Protection

Unexpected rain can quickly soak you and your clubs, so bring along rain protection. A large umbrella can shield your belongings, and a rain jacket and pants can keep you dry and comfortable. Rain gloves are another important part of your precipitation protection because they ensure that you maintain a stable grip on your clubs, even as your hands get wet.

Golf Gloves

For general use, a golf glove will enhance your grip’s firmness on the club, especially later into the game when your palms might get slick from sweat. It can also stop blistering on your lead hand due to an overly tight grasp. Place an extra in your bag so that you’re covered if you forget to put one on before heading out, or the one you wear rips.

Now that you’re armed with the essentials, it’s time to start golfing. For first-rate, affordable Vegas tee times, call The Club at Sunrise today.